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Any question not answered here, feel free to ask

What Vaccinations are required?

Each pet is required to have a current rabies vaccine or current vet paperwork to prove an annual titer test to be groomed. Pets under 4months old must have all current shots required for their age (generally their 2nd round). Any pet showing signs of kennel cough, worms or anything else that is contagious will be asked to reschedule and have a vet approval the illness has been treated.

What would make a pet be sent home?

Any overly aggressive pet (ether towards humans or other animals), pregnancy, your pet showing any signs of extreme stress, not having updates vaccines required or your pet shows any signs of a contagious illness that can be passed along to human or animal. This is to keep anyone and any animal in the salon safe. All breeds are welcome!

My pet needs to go to the vet. Will you take them?

Your pet will be taken to closest vet that can treat for the reason a vet visit is needed. This could be just down the street or all the way to the nearest Emergency 24hr vet. If the reason for a vet is needed was caused due to grooming vet bills will be covered by me. Any vet trip needed that was caused by an underlying health condition (ether known or unknown) will be your responsibility.

What does One on One mean?

This means my focus is on your pet only. From the time you check in to the time you pick up, your furry family member(s) are my focus. This also requires you to pick up within 20-30 minutes after you're sent a text saying your pet is done.

What is your cleaning policy?

Time is allowed for cleaning equipment between each appointment. Towels are not reused and washed between each use in a hypoallergenic detergent.

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