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House Call Grooming

This page is being updated regularly somethings may change. As always to book this service contact me via Text (512-884-0847) or email ( or use the contact page.


I do notice things being sent to my Spam folder so please Text or contact me another way if I fail to reply quickly (facebook messages also work)

About House Call Grooming!

Right now I ONLY offer this service for dogs around 50lbs at a max, however I do make some exceptions to this for dogs that are well behaved on the table, if they're over and I'm able to lift them on the table (or they'll jump up), and if I start your dog as a puppy that will grow to be over 50lbs. If you have any questions if your dog will accepted please contact me (Using one of the methods above) with your dog's breed (or mix of), and what service you're after.

House call grooming, is where I come to your house and groom in a room or area of your house. For this I ask that the area have space for a folding grooming table that has a place to bathe or very close to the area I'll be bathing your dog to prevent water going more areas than needed. For bathing I ask you have a bath tub, enclosed shower and an outlet for my dryer (all other supplies are cordless but I do recharge which I can use the dryer's outlet once done with that). I can groom outside as well but it will depend on the weather (Heat, Humidity, Rain/Storms, Cold, Wind, or any combo)

If you're after a haircut I'll be contacting you prior to the appt for some more info to know just what I need to bring with me supplies wise.


House Call Services!

Grooming in the comfort of your home <3

Bath & Go

This service is for a basic bath and towel dry ONLY. This is ideal for short haired dogs, senior dogs, and dogs that have issues with loud noises. Depending on the breed a before or wet brush might be done as well. This will not be done on dogs that are matted, have a thick coat (Huskies, Chow's, sheep like fur doodles, or poodles, or impacted coats.

Prices start at $40, and depending on your location and type of dog will determine the final cost. 


I offer 3 different House call haircuts. (See the about section for why there is pricing differences)

1: Dirty cut: This is nails, ears and a shave down. NO BATH! These haircuts are shave down's ONLY. Starts at $60 (Dog MUST be dry)

2: You Bathe, I cut: Your dog must be at least 95% dry by the time I arrive or there will be an extra fee. You bathe and dry your dog prior to me arriving and I do that haircut. This includes nails and ear cleaning as well. Starts at $50 

3: Full service: I bathe, dry and groom your dog. Nails and ears are included. Starts at $95


Your pup will get a full bath, blow dry with a good brush out if it is needed. If you have a dog that sheds I recommend that you have a place that is easy to clean up (due to the shedding coat going everywhere) or have power outside for the blow out. (I will only work outside in temps under 80F unless there is a fan or other way to keep the area cool) and there are ZERO chances of fire ants due to an allergy.

Starts at: $65

Stand Alone Services

Nails Cut: $12
Nails Cut and Buffed with Dremel: $22
Face, Feet, Sani: $25
If you need another service that isn't listed please contact (Like Anal Glands, Ears, Brushing, ext)

   Intro to grooming

This service is for dogs under 6months of age. It's a bath, blow out, brush with nails as well as a tidy which is trimming around the face, feet and potty areas (sani) to get your new family member used to being groomed. Prices start at $75.

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