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Services offered

Bath & Haircut

Bath and a full groom, also includes; teeth brushing, nails (buffed or cut), ears cleaned (Plucking by request). Prices start at $65 and vary based on coat texture/condition/thickness and type of haircut desired. Upgrades available as an extra fee

Bath, Brush and Blow out

Bath with shampoo to suit your pet's need and a conditioner followed. This is followed by a blow out and light brushing. Includes; Teeth Brushing, Nails (Buff or cut), ears cleaned (Plucking by request). Prices start at $40 and vary on coat texture, thickness and condition. Upgrades available as an extra fee

Intro to grooming

This is for puppies 6 months and under. Includes; bath, brush, blow out, nails (buff or cut), ear cleaning (Plucking by request) and a face/feet/sani trim. Perfect to get your puppy used to the grooming process and set them up for a life time of enjoying being groomed. Prices start at $45 and vary due to size your pup will be full grown and coat/texture. Upgrades available as an extra fee

Stand Alone Services

Teeth Brushing
Ear Cleaning (Plucking by request)
Anal Gland Expression

Mobile Grooming

Currently suspended please check back later

House Call

To book this service text, email or use the contact me box. This is limited to dogs under 50 pounds, there are some expectations which will be posted under the House call grooming tab (coming soon). Prices are higher than salon pricing but I do have ways to lower the price. This service is offered only on days I'm not mobile or in salon!

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